What Are the Turning Points on Your Sattvic Chart?

The state chart, also known as the static chart, is a Hindu temple chart that is used to monitor the flow of luck and fortune through one’s life. It has been around for centuries and was created in India during the period of Chantayana Raja Yama. The chart has many aspects and is divided into four sections, namely the charade satta, and satta, purna satta and kuruna satta. The charade data shows the actual movements of the devotee from one stage to another. The nadi up game king is related to the day to day happenings of the devotee.

The static chart is divided into four sections and these are the kuruna satta, which is the most important part of the satta chart, the purna data which shows the favorable turning points that a person experiences in his/her life, the nadi satta which traces the successful transference of the favorable turning point and finally the purna satta, which are nothing but the final state. Now as we all know that there are different levels or stages of good fortune and bad fortune and hence it is necessary that we follow the path accordingly that has been indicated on the static chart. Now the first turn on the sattvic chart is that of prosperity, as per static chart a prosperous turning point is that of prosperity in the spiritual world.

This prosperity turns into magnificence as it is accompanied by high intelligence, wide knowledge and wide reading of mind. This static chart is also accompanied with financial prosperity, as per static chart, when a person encounters a financial problem he/she should not lose heart and should proceed in the positive direction. The static chart also indicates favorable transmutations when it comes to health and wealth, as per static chart, a healthy body is a well off body and when the mind is healthy then the entire body is healthy.

Another turning point on the static chart is love, as per static chart a prosperous love life is considered to be a prosperous love affair. When you come across a person who loves you so much that you want to be a part of him/her, this static chart is considered to be the time to get things moving. Also the static chart is known to have several other turning points like: protection, safety, career, business etc. Also when you are in the company of a person you love you tend to get protected from all negativity surrounding that particular person. You will find happiness only when you are around that person.

If you wish to know about the past then the statistic chart is the best way to go about it. This statistic chart states that each and every human being to have lived innumerable lives and hence is bound to experience innumerable future lives also. Now this statistic chart also states that the most important turning point in each and every human’s life happens when he/she is at the birth place. All the previous births have left a mark on the mind and hence if one chooses to dwell on the past he/she can get lots of information about his/her life. This information helps him understand why he/she is in the state in which he/she is right now.

A statistic chart is considered to be very helpful when it comes to charting happiness. One can draw a lot of conclusions and predictions based on the information garnered from this statistic chart. Also, this statistic chart states that every human being has an individual approach towards success. This is because different people have different personalities. So therefore we need to choose our approach towards success depending on the type of personality we have.

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